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fantasy short stories and poetry

  1. First up is the short story I've been working on off and on for quite a while... it changes almost weekly as I near actual completion
    1. Escape, remember, this story is not quite finished (I need to finish the last half or so...)
    2. Second is a story I feel is mostly finished. It is the third in a 'series' of fan-fic stories I wrote for my Queen's Own (Mercedes Lackey) persona.

    Also, I've finished two fanzines ready for publication when I get back to the US:
    1. First is a Mercedes Lackey fanzine. All the stories are approved by her company so as to avoid copyright violations. The zine's name is: Haven's Rest
    2. The other zine is general fic all fanfic. It covers everything from approved EQ and Anne McCaffrey fic to original fic. It's name is: Legends

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