Persona: Susan O'Fearna
Herald Trainee
Name: Flora Greywolf
Gender: Female
Companion: Charellia (short: 'Rel) mare
Age: 18
Appearance: Hair: Silver-brown
Eyes: grey
Skin: darkly tanned
Height: about 5'2"
Build: athletic
Weapons Training: archery, light sword, unarmed, dagger (close-fighting and throwing) and sling
History: Sent to visit clan shaman after challenging site-chief's son after he hit an orphan child. Was forbidden to follow through on challenge because of rank of the young man 1. Came north when her shaman sent her out to find people 'like her' 2 3.
Likes: horses, raptors, being different
Dislikes: abuse (human/animal, physical/power)

Re: Susan also belongs to Nine Above!, K'guadia and Under Kal-enel's Care and has an elfquest persona and a Dusk Empire Starhame persona.

Persona: Angela K. Scott
Name: Alora Vedel
Gender: female
Companion: Sharaya (short Shar') mare
Age: 26
Appearance: Hair: long blone-brown
Eyes: deep brown
Skin: fair complected
Height: 5"3
Build: slim yet fit
Weapons Training: shortsword, hand-to-hand combat, some experience with bow & arrow and knives
History: Lived most of life in Woodside, a small farming community at edge of the large forest southwest of Haven. Has an older brother and her Aunt and Uncle also live there. Grandfather was Shin'a'in, of the Liha'irden Clan. Was Chosen just after eighteenth birthingday.
Likes: forests, Moon, drawing, singing, helping others
Dislikes: spiders, dark alleys, anything Evil

Re: Angela also belongs to UKC, Children of the Firstborn, and N3F. Did quite a bit of the art for this 'zine.

Persona: Irene Shei
Clan-Healer of K'Guadia
Name: Fiora Ylissa shena K'Guadia
Gender: female
Age: 17
Appearance: Hair: white, shoulder-blade length
Eyes: pink
Skin: ivory
Height: 5'6"
Build: slender, delicate, almost frail
Weapons Training: Serpent's tooth and whip
History: When she was four, her parents were killed as demon-spawn by Karse Sun-Priests. She and her twin were taken in by the temple and were watched carefully. When they were eight, the temple was razed by slave-traders and they were taken and sold separately. She escaped and met up with her twin at the age of twelve and together they lived in the wilderness for several years until Fiora was found scavenging by a Tayledras. She was taken in while Sabra, her twin, tried to find her. They were separated again till the age of seventeen, when they were reunited by the Star-Eyed in the Clan K'Guadia. Because she is an alino and a deaf-mute, Fiora usually uses her twin's mouth and ears to speak and hear. She is also hyper-sensitive to heat and the sun and is forced to form a small pocket of shade and winter around herself.
Likes: Roses, twin, horses and felines
Dislikes: Egotists, braggarts and slavery

Re: Irene Also belongs to the Pacific NW Collegium, UKC, StarFleet Marine corps and Club Vampyre.

Persona: Stephanie J. Anderson
Mercenary Captain
Name: Stephania shena Pretara'sedrin
Gender: female
Mount: Stallion: Shadowstalker
Age: 30
Appearance: Hair: long dark brown
Eyes: almond-shaped brown
Skin: olive
Height: 5'6"
Build: athletic
Weapons Training: proficient in longsword, longbow, crossbow, staff, close-quarter knife/dagger fighting and hand-to-hand combat.
History: She grew up in the Pretara'sedrin clan in the Dhorisha Plains. Her father is a Jkathan and her mother is Shin'a'in. The Clan accepts her, despite her eyes not being blue. Stephania joined the WindStalkers when she was seventeen and rose in the ranks to finally achieve Ccaptain 1 status after a massacre of the company. She's been rebuilding the Company since she became Captain, and she keeps them busy with jobs and adventures.
Likes: warfare, chopping people up, traveling and meeting new people if they're not too annoying.
Dislikes: annoying people, people who hunt for pleasure, racism and broccoli, especially when mixed with horse meal.

Re: Stephanie Belongs to Queen's Own, Under Kal'enel's Care (UKC), Children of the Firstborn, Sunrunner's Circle, The Gathering and National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F).

Persona: Janet Kizer
Name: Vashtia Keryn
Gender: female
Gifts: Talent & Creativity
Appearance: Hair: auburn
Eyes: green
Skin: pale
Instruments: harp, gittern and flute
Other Bardic activities: sings and dances
History: Aristocratic youth, educated at home, involved with Herald Damien
Likes: illuminating manuscripts, sword fighting and fighting cats, enjoys living with the Tayledras
Dislikes: elaborate clothes, court manners, drafty old houses like the one she grew up in.

Persona: friend of Flora Greywolf
Name: Aylar Moonspark
Gender: male
Companion: Rhodry, stallion
Age: 26
Appearance: Hair: Red
Eyes: topaz
Skin: golden-tan
Height: 6'2"
Build: wiry but muscular
Weapons Training: sword by both private tutor and Colleguim (both Kero and Alberich), bow and arrow.
Family Mother: Lady Yenarilariovy Moonspark (VERY distant cousin of Darenthallis): Rethwellan (well, duh) goes by Yenar.
Father: Lord Ayden Dorbar (Valdemaran)
sibs: elder brother: Yeden Dorbar, father's heir
4 sisters: Aynar Moonspark (Aylar's twin, mother's heir), Konar, Jenar and Donar Dorbar(also last two twins)
History: His mother is Rethwellan nobility and the marriage was NOT one of love. His elder brother and three sisters were all fostered in Rethwellan, but his mother's grandmother, who came to Valdemar with her, refused to allow the two with the Moonspark (red hair and topaz eyes--and usually mindMagic) to be fostered out of her influence. Both Aylar and Aynar were Chosen when their Gread-grandmother was moved to the Healer's School and took them with her. Both have the unusual combination of Healing and FireStarting and she intended to enroll them in the Healer's Collegium, but the Companions Janci and Rhodry had other ideas.
Likes: Freedom to avoid parents and sibs except Aynar, who is also a Herald.
Dislikes: Visits Home

Re: Aylar The closest human friend of Herald-in-training Flora Greywold and will appear in subsequent stories regarding her interaction with the world of Velgarth. Wants to get permanent posting in Collegium, teaching Rethwellan relations and general history.

Persona: Ingrid Schwartz
Name: Ashlay (Ash) Canotnee
Gender: female
Companion: Niddia, mare
Age: 28
Appearance: Hair: dark blonde, long--worn in a braid
Eyes: deep blue
Skin: suntanned to a rich golden-brown
Height: 5'7"
Build: slender with wiry muscles
Weapons Training: passable with sword, better with long knives and her best weapon is the bow.
Other skills: trainer of dogs, knows herbal medicine and is an excellent rider and trained trader.
History: Has one brother, Thorn. Family raises and trains the C'Tonee dog (like the shin'a'in steed of dogs). She's close with her brother.
Constant companion: dog named Maegan who is her 'own personal dog.'
Likes: animals
Dislikes: abuse of animals

Persona: April R. Hunt
Name: Jeanne Riverwolf
Gender: female
Companion: Tyril (Ty), stallion
Weapons Training: quarterstaff, archery, close-contact dagger
History: Comes from Southgate, the homestead of formerly nomadic sheepherders. Southgate is located just south of Zalmon, and is the escape route to Rethwellan. She has a twin, Leanne, who is not a herald, but can mindspeak with both Jeanne and her companion. Jeanne also has a cousin who is a White Winds Master, Keif, whose special gift is a 'green thumb' with adept potential.

Persona: Herald Jaysen Allan Wilcoff (friend of Ash Cantonee)
Age: 27
Companion: Storm, stallion
Gifts: very strong mindspeech
Appearance: Hair: Auburn shoulder-length
Eyes: hazel
Skin: light
Height: 6'
Build: slender
History: Born the seventh child of a large family, Jay had little chance of actually inheriting any land. This was of little importance to him, though, as he had always wanted to travel and planned on supporting himself as a minstrel while he was at it. He would have made a good minstrel, he had a touch of the BardicGift. At age seventeen he left his family, heading toward Haven when the Companion Storm met and Chose him. After traiing his gifts he rode circuit near Lake Evendim. A few years later he was assigned to Herald Ash Cantonee's apprenticeship.
NOTE: Jay is Shaych, Heralds Jak and Poul are his lovemates.
Likes: company, parties, music, riding, writing stories
disLikes: being alone.

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