Elemental Balances

by April R. Hunt

Something I hold in my soul
Winds of Power, make me whole
Something I hold in my mind
Winds of Luck, help me to find
Something I hold in my arms
Winds of Caution, sound the alarm
Something I hold in my heart
Winds of Fury, strike like a dart
Something No one ever sees
Earth of Stability, set me free
Something no one ever hears
Earth of Silence, dry my tears
Something no one ever dreams
Earth of Destruction, change what it seems
Something no one ever speaks
Earth of Healing, be what I seek
Something we have in us
Water of Gentleness, help us trust
Something we have to suffer
Water of Anger, grow no rougher
Something we have enchained
Water of Freedom, rid our pain
Something we have to unwind
Water of Peace, give eyes to the blind
Something everyone fears
Fire of Watching, draw us near
Something everyone needs
Fire of Heat, take the lead
Something everyone hopes
Fire of Vengeance, burn my ropes
Something everyone feels
Fire of Heart, help us to heal
Something that I know
Spirit of Darkness, let me go
Something that I keep
Spirit of Sorrow, let me weep
Something that I try
Spirit of Eternity, let the past go by
Something that I pray
Spirit of Love, be with me every day.

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