Midwinter Bells

by Marian Crane

Previously appeared in Companionís Grove #2

Hear the Midwinte Bells ring in Haven,
Calling the faithful to prayer.
But out past the fane where they sing the Ladyís name,
Hear the click of weary hooves upon the cobbles,
And the tread of tired feet upon the stars.
Hear the message youíre given in Haven:
One week of rest, then you go.
When raiders gather at the border,
Youíre all the law and order
Thatís likely to come riding through the snow.
For Havenís Midwinter Peace
Is stolen, bought, or leased
By Heralds and Companionís on the road.
And the only bells that count
Are set ringing by your mount
As she briefly dances free of dutyís load!

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