by Katrina Parris

She dances in the twilight, shadow-cloaked and shadow-wrought.
This temptress speaks of peace, but it's a peace that's dearly bought;
Yet comforting is her embrace, and gentle is the hand
That guides the weary wanderer to a dark and timeless land.

He toils in the fields, beneath the blazing summer sun,
Yet cannot find the rest he seeks until his task is done.
Weary of work and burdens borne, he cries our in despair,
"'Tis no use! I'll right no wrongs, and so why should I care?"

She heard his cry and quickly she called into the light,
"Follow me down yonder forest path, leave behind your plight--
It leads unto a land of rest and freedom from all fear."
But when she saw to whom she called, she shed a single tear.

He peered into the gloom and saw a lady fey and fair,
But a doom lay on the love that was born in twilight there.
He longed to lay his burdens down and let her lead the way;
he knew were to to go with her a great price he would pay.

'Twas her obsession to seduce all those who came her way,
But the life of he she held so dear she could not take away
And if she takes him not they will forever be apart.
She yearned to take him unto her, yet could not still her heart.

He wonders why she hesitates to lead him far from here
He knows well her fateful ways, yet her he cannot fear,
For he loves her so and with her he would always be at peace
Only she could bring him a complete and sweet release.

They stand in timeless twilight and will ever be apart
No hope remains, their doom has settled heavy on each heart:
"Can we ne'er be free from this tangled web of love and pain?"
"Can we know no happiness, are our struggles in vain?"

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