'Twas the Night After the War

Lisa Anne Prince

Twas the night after the war,
and all through the list,
All the writers were resting,
sleeping, I'd think.

The e-mail accounts,
were empty of mail,
Gone were the war posts
and Forever Knight tales.

And there I just sat
on my couch in a funk,
Christmas is coming
I need to buy all this junk.

When what to my wandering mind
should appear,
But this account of the war
placed before you right here.

Remember Dianne De Shu
with the Mercs set to go
And Nick and the Knighties
with bricks all aflow.

The Natpack was snuggled,
in big fluffy robes.
While kitties and froggies
hopped to and fro.

And back's Cousin Julie
who'd caused quite a roar
By placing cow patties
by an abandoned church door.

The Vaqueros had had
their hearts set a flutter.
When Vachon walked in,
their knees turned to butter.

They'd stuttered and stammered
and made quite a scene.
While Vachon, who just blinked,
asked, "What's this all mean?"

And Skreed he was there
in his sewer, all smelly,
Babysitting knighties,
rat blood in his belly.

Tracy was there,
with Partly by her side.
And just let me tell you,
that girl sure can lie.

She sat there and told her,
you've got the wrong hunch.
That feeling you're having,
it must be your lunch.

And there's LaCroix and Sandra,
all alone in the cellar.
He's a charmer in silk briefs,
the Cousins could tell her.

He's so charming and evil,
no Knightie could abide,
But for me as a Cousin,
I'd die in those eyes.

And Janette, she showed up,
looking splendid, of course.
That woman sure knows
how to be a clothes horse.

The Raven changed hands,
too many to count.
Who runs it now?
It's Uncle, no doubt.

So, on Nickie, the knightie,
who still remains flightie.
On Tracy, that's Vetter,
who is *getting* better.
On Uncle, who's charming
and always disarming.
And lest we forget,
On Janette and Cohen and Schanke who're gone.
Without them, our show is a house not a home.

And now you've arrived
at the end of the affair.
I have to grade papers,
it's almost mid-year.

So, before we all part
I've just one thing to say.
I know this is corny,
but have a good day.

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