Rim of the World

words: Jennifer Giacomini

tune: "Part Of Your World" from The Little Mermaid

Look at this view, isn't it keen?
Touch the horizon with blue, gold and green,
Wouldn't you think from up here, you could see everything?
Look at this sight, isn't it fine?
Sunset the color of Dreamberry wine,
Looking around you you'd think: hey, we've got everything!

We've got hunters and healers a-plenty
We've got shapers and floaters galore
How 'bout Wolfblooded elves? We got twenty!
Not too bad.. but we feel we need more!

We've got a holt where some nice elves live
Somewhere nearby us reside some bad ones
All that we want is to hunt and to howl and live free
Some of our kinfolk have traveled far
Out of the swamplands and up to the mountains

Some are from the valleys and some from the great sandy seas
Our world may not be what you've seen before
We're from the universe right next door
Not like the rest, alternate Quest
Rim Of The World.

What would you do if the EQ saga was altered?
What would you say if Rayek's plan went slightly astray?
Firstcomers land, and they're still stranded, but there
Is no elfin slaughter
Humans splattered Palace shattered
Marooned anyway!

The shards of the palace flew across time and space
Wolfriders founded, but not the Sun Folk
GoBacks are nomads, Blue Mountain never will be
Join us and see, come up and stand
Here with our AV ElfQuesting band
Try it and see, then you will be
Part of OUR world...

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