Girls Who Wear Flannel

An Ode to Scully TM and her sisterhood

By Cris Francis

Girls who wear flannel
usually know how to change a tire.
They rarely really need help;
and when they do,
they are reluctant to ask for it.

Girls who wear flannel
don't try to pretend
they never have to use the bathroom.

Girls who wear flannel
don't read books full of heaving bosoms.
Well maybe one bosom,
just now and then.

Girls who wear flannel
usually smell like
they've spent some time outside.

Girls who wear flannel
walk around the house in thick socks
and own underwear
they wouldn't want
to go to the hospital in.

Girls who wear flannel
may go all Saturday
without once combing their hair.

Girls who wear flannel
may pretend to hate televised sports,
but can out-shout any man
in the event of a stupid
or miraculous play.

Girls who wear flannel
know how to laugh.

Girls who wear flannel
are very comfortable snugglers,
because they won't sacrifice comfort
just to look good

Girls who wear flannel
don't care what people think of them.

Girls who wear flannel
may eat food right out of the pot,
might drink out of the milk carton,
and don't panic when someone says
'chili dog.'

Girls who wear flannel
have great stories about their fathers.

Girls who wear flannel
wont take your crap,
don 't need you,
don't want you to cling,
and won't listen to you whine.
They will tell you what's on their mind
if you ask their opinion,
they will be honest.
They will not pretend
to be something they are not.
They make horrible martyrs....

... but they make great friends.

Scully is a character created by Chris Carter for the Fox Television show The X-Files, and is property of Tenn-thirteen productions. No infringement on the trademark/copyright is intended and this is for a srictly not-for profit endeavor.

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