Herne's Son

Stuart McIntyre

For I am the Lord of the Forest

Thrice blessed, raven-coated, horned I stand over my charges,
Watching their peaceful faces in the amber light,
Smiling as they dream their dreams,
Keeping their safety, watching their night.

Many an age I have guarded those who come to me,
Enfolding them to my breast; my servants wait
Silently, hidden, keeping the darkness, And the stillness; I am their fate.

I feel an intruder, wandering into my domain,
I feel his fear, his searching mind and hands,
I feel the stirring deer and owl,
And then, I feel the taint of man.

Soon, they beasts and birds have lured away,
The poacher, but for his pains; I let
Him find a rabbit to fill his pot and
Belly, lest he forget...

...for I am the Lord of the Forest.

This poem based on "Robin of Sherwood" characters and situations created by Richard Carpenter and Paul Knight and owned by Goldcrest. No infringement in intended. This is a not-for-profit, amateur effort, and copyright/trademark rights revert to the creators of the show and the poem . . .

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