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Every other one of the below is a poem/short story. In other words, Prelude is a poem, Time Heals all Woulds is a SS, Lady of the Sea is a poem, Legend of Glenfinnan is a SS...

Prelude with hair by Janet Kizer
Time Heals All Wounds (Forever Knight) by Bonnie Pardoe
Lady of the Sea with floral by Brad Greenburg
Legend of Glenfinnan (Highlander) with Hilt by Virginia Foster and Jean Garner
Wishes with Swan by April R. Hunt
Dreamlink with unicorn by Leah McGrew
Herne’s Sons (Robin of Sherwood) with archer by Stuart McIntyre
Selling the Bike with leaves by Mike Richards
Natalie’s Song (Forever Knight) by James Kythe Walksthewind
Collection with falcon by anonymous, with permission
Myste (Melanie Rawn) with dragon by Tony B / Taylen
Wishes in Summer with Illustration by Marion Crane
Tree with dryad by Janet Kizer
Magarette’s Butterfly with fairy by Janene Hourigan
Girls Who Wear Flannel by Cris Francis
Meeting by Susan O’Fearna
FK Limericks (Forever Knight) by various
Shy One’s Passing (Robin of Sherwood) with Pegasus by Jill Sheppler
Lords of Air And Fire (Pern) by Michael Richards
Shards by Susan O’Fearna
Song of Sur (ElfQuest) with Savah by BJ Vanlook
Case of Dr. Quick by anonymous
Awakening (Highlander) with sword by Jacquie Groom
Windking with double exposure (eventually!) by Nicole Aucoin
Lost by Susan O’Fearna
Nightowls (X-Files) with logo by Diana K. Schaeffer
Dragon with Peacock by Janet Kizer
Eyes of the Fire with Swirls by Marion Crane
Rim of the World (ElfQuest) by Jennifer Giacomini
Escape with knotwork by Susan O’Fearna
Twas the night after the War (Forever Knight) by Dawn Steele
Lace with Ladyhead by Tamra Heathersaw-Hart
Halves with Heart/spiral by April R. Hunt

As before, the infomation on this page and the stories available in this 'zine are copyrighted by the author or the rights-holder of the ficced subject (Eq, FK, HL ROS, MR, AMc...) and no copyright infringement is intended or (hopefully) impinged upon, please write me to know how to order this or my other 'zine!

© 1997 Susan O'Fearna

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