The Lady of the Sea

by Brad Greenberg

In ancient times a forest grew, of dreaming oak and pine,
of dappled mysteries enlaced around a verdant heart.
A flashing gem of emerald, it burned in rich design;
each tree beneath the sun and moon united, yet apart.

A wanderer came to that wood, upon the Road of Day
and cast himself into the maze of loam and bough and leaf.
Amidst the web of facets keen, no shadows could betray
the path reflected a mirror unmarred by joy grief.

In innocence he walked among the visions of the trees,
passed through their soft deceptions to a bright and golden shore,
the windswept bar of light embraced the fairest of the seas;
the sapphire and indigo of motionís subtle lore.

Upon the waves an undine danced; with lithe and regal grace,
and innocence unfolded into love beneath her face.
Her eyes of twilight rainbows, the moonís ivory in her face
entwined the echoes of the sea into his futureís ways.

"Oh Lady of the waters and the silver flame of night,
what reverence, what honor will your elegance allow?
beneath the dim and whirling stars, beneath the skies of light,
never have I yearned for one to share my endless road.

Now, I look upon your lucent face and feel at last alone.
What must I do to win your love, sweet Lady of the Sea?"
Oh son of earth and forest deep, of sharp uncanny stone,
if thou wouldst claim me as thy bride, then prove thy worth to me.

"Among the bones of dragons wild; in dismal barrows fell
the treasures lost to timeís collapse await the saving hand;
await an end to slumber dim and ageís tainting spell
To win your love I offer all the splendors of this land."

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