by Susan Kathleen O'Fearna

It is so cold,
and where Is Finland?
And where am l?
It has been nine days
since I last saw humanity.
Why have I been forsaken?
What is going to happen to me?
Six days ago my water ran out.
I have heard a man
or woman can stay alive
seven days without water,
which means I die today.
Ironic, isn't it?
Sitting In the middle
of millions of gallons of water,
yet dying of thirst.
I am not sure if it is safe to swim, but I do.
So cold.
Numbs the pain of the hunger and the thirst.
Swim twice a day,
and yet the stench of the fish
and the ocean
is horrible.
What is this!
Oh, my! I see land!
And I see trees!
Where is my paddle
I must reach it!

No land was there,
and now I am exhausted.
I thought I even saw
people. God is playing
tricks on me.
No food. I tried to
fish, but they are
too fast. No ammunition
with which to catch 'em.
That must really be
land I see! I can
smell food! Real food!

The mirage has
not dissolved , yet
but I will not
be fooled. It is not land.

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