Embers of a yawning sun
Blush your features golden red
A sea of stars, their light begun
To sparkle, fills your eyes with them.

“’Lexis,” I whisper to you love,
As in my arms you lay to rest,
Your golden form complete in blue
Green shadows, that become your dress.

“Could you weave these stars to breathe
An image that I wonder?
A story I would tell to thee,
Would long to see its soul uncovered.”

Your smile is bright and quick your nod,
As to my eyes your eyes are found,
“Taylen such would be delight, my love
The skies for you are wound.

You wait until my words begin
To whisper 'gainst your ear,
Then all at once the sky becomes
A shimmering of what you hear:

The time before this age began,
A dragon's time it was,”
Above us now the sky is ran
With misted lands of cloud.
They sparkle then as jewels are set
Into the ghostly sky,
Enrapt I start when I am met
By the dragons that are mine.

Moments I am lost for words,
Become my heart of hearts set free,
My soul, a rider who has heard
His love of life, himself at birth.

Your touch to palm returns me warm,
Yet filled by breathless shivering,
“’Lexis, had I known at all,
Could know at all, I would this eve,”

A gentle squeeze, your palm in mine,
And words again come to your ears,

“When all the sky was lost from time,
For dragons loved her through these years,
Flew as colored winds from sun;
These children of a Dragon's Dawn,
To dance their rainbows once begun
Would last until a night came down.”

A day begins and ends in flames,
As all my words are brought to life,
There upon a heaven's stage,
More than dreams, souls of light.

“Gold was known as queen to them,
Her chosen wept of bronze,
Browns and greens the rest of them,
Save one of white was born.”
Gold as like I'd never known
Glistens as a dawn at sea,
Shade my eyes so I can look
At every scale of polished breeze.

Bronze, a golden shadow, flies,
A part of gold yet not the same,
A smaller gold whose gleaming hide
Glows darker of a golden flame.

Browns are shades of bronze grown
Cold, as bronze is cooling gold,
Greens are 'flections of a world
Below, born the colors that are flown.

Ivory, the breath of all, now mists
Another, this one babe,
To take its place within the rest,
The side of gold its chosen place.

Azure swirls of cooling mists
I see 'neath jeweled eyes,
Stars of pearl, my soul has kissed
A thousand times then said good-bye.

Weeping do I hold you tight,
“Sweet 'lexis, oh how much you love
To give to me my soul's delight
For what I see are your colors 'bove.

Woven into what I've dreamed,
So long become a part of me,
You have touched inside and seen
Those colors, now you own for me.

Now I've a gift for all of you,
So many colors they've all not names,
Close your eyes, release the stars,
Unweave the heavens from your flame.”

A moment, then my dragons fade,
Their parting gift pearled tears they cry,
Their colors vanishing away,
Their tears become the stars of sky.

“’Lexis,” do I whisper soft,
My lips against your wondered smile,
"For you," and I do place your palm
On leathern skin of dragon's hide.

Your eyes burst wide and full of love,
For crying out her hunger,
A dragon, gold and pearl, has eyes
For you her only rider.

“Her name is Myste!” you cry with joy,
As, feeding, do you hold her,
Her shell, once warm, now shy with cold,
As, in your arms, Myste folds in.

You stroke her chin as though your child,
Then gaze into my eyes,
My tears are yours, my heart afire
With flames that wash the shining sky...

This is a fan effort based on evperiences while enjoying the fantasy fiction works of Melanie Rawn. Any infringement on copyright is not intended and the trademark for any characters, scenes, locations, ect. remains in Ms. Rawn’s hands. The poem, like all the work in this fan-zine remains copyrighted to the author and is simply borrowed for a not-for-profit endeavor by the editor.

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